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Strategies To Improve The Motivation Of Hearing Impaired Students In Learning English

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This study entitled Strategies to Improve the Motivation of Hearing Impaired Students in Learning English. This study is aimed at investigating the strategies of an English teacher to improve the motivation of the hearing impaired students in learning English and finding out the problems encountered in improving the motivation of the students. 

Since the hearing impaired students have both hearing and speaking impairment which consequently becomes a barrier of their low motivation and difficulties in learning language (Efendi, 2006), the teacher plays important role to improve the students’ learning motivation.The study employs a descriptive qualitative case study. The research is conducted in one special need school for hearing impaired students in Bandung. The data are collected through conducting observations and administering interview to the teacher. The findings reveal thatthe problems encounteredare the students’ psychological barriersand the avaliability of learning media.Furthermore,the strategies used are modifying the classroom setting, employing various teaching method, optimizing the communication method, optimizing the use of learning media, conducting learning evaluation, giving compliment and punishment, and respecting the impairment of the students.Finally, it can be concluded that the teacher can maximize the strategies by statingclear learning objectives explicitly and giving score to the students’ work. The teacher is also recommended to create enjoyable and comfortable learning atmosphere and to be creative in using available learning media.


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